Saturday, 2 February 2008

Fragile minds, fragile music

Sometimes when Tchaikovsky was conducting he would cradle a hand onto his head from the fear that it might drop off -- I'm rather fascinated by fragile and vulnerable musicians and pieces of music that, without being weak, feel like they exist on the edge of evaporation. This is a homage to three fragile musicians:

Tim Hardin

Peter Green

And finally Nick Drake


Heather said...

brilliant songs one and all.

Might not interest you, but the late Mr. Ledger was also a fan of that particular Drake song.

Paolo said...

I had heard that there was a Heath Ledger film related to Black Eyed Dog hadn't been aware that Ledger was obsessed with Nick Drake.

I also found it interesting that the author of that article is so convinced that Nick Drake committed suicide, as far as I was aware that wasn't by any means a certainty. Look out for a documentary called 'A Skin Too Few' as there is quite a bit of interview footage in there with his sister and it seems that near his death he was certainly in a bad way but there is a distinct possibility that his death was an accident which in his case somehow seems worth. At least with suicide he was taking control of events, death by misadventure seems a cruel way to have such a talented artist taken away.


Heather said...

Your last statement is true as well as timely I think.

Mtv has video footage of Ledger mentioning his obsession. That's where I first read about it. The clip kept repeating while I read the article though and it kind of weirded me out, so I thought I'd better link to elsewhere. but since you mentioned it...

I don't really know much about Drake other than having heard his music. I'll definitely keep an eye out for that documentary though. Thanks.

Paolo said...

Nick Drake was a mysterious figure. So posh, so thoroughly English and so ripe for mythology as there is nothing left to see of him but his three stunning albums. I can see how people become obsessive about him as they have so little knowledge of him to go on that they build the rest themselves.

If that video ever gets leaked to the internet just wait for the conspiracy theories linking the two deaths.