Saturday, 22 December 2007

Stephen Fry

I quite like Stephen Fry for many reasons too many to enumerate or perhaps more accurately more than I can be bothered to discuss but he does have a handle on why people like him:

Anywho, I was recently talking to somebody, somebody elderly and the subject of Stephen Fry came up for whom I expressed my admiration. His response was 'Oh I don't like that Stephen Fry, no. Isn't he gay for a start?' I replied that I also believe he likes Wagner -- the joke, that one's tastes in partner is as relevant to me liking them is as their tastes in opera, was lost on him. I raised my eyes to another companion who later said to me 'forgive him for the gay thing, he's old'.

I do rather find it ironic how one's prejudices become more acceptable the longer they have been held.