Monday, 25 February 2008

Barack Obama is a homosexual martian

I also understand that he's a gypsy paedophile, a former member of the KGB and the love child of Fidel Castro and Michael Moore. He actually flew the first plane into the trade centre and is single-handedly responsible for most unsolved murders across America.

I'd like to take this opportunity to congratulate Hilary Clinton on taking campaign tips from Rupert Murdoch, it's about time sister.


Sara said...

wow, you really are trying to charm your way into the blogosphere limelight, aren't you?

(I missed this one earlier)

Paolo said...

I keep it real Sara, I just said what everyone else was thinking.

I should probably stay away from satire, I don't do it with any subtlety but the whole turban thing really annoyed me. Attempting to profit from fear and prejudice almost endorses those beliefs in the first place and they need to be fought not compounded it was just so low.

It's funny, I have no input of effect on these elections and I don't particularly care who wins. I would support no candidate and am just relieved that Bush can't stand again. I still get riled up by the whole thing though...funny how that works.