Saturday, 22 December 2007

Stephen Fry

I quite like Stephen Fry for many reasons too many to enumerate or perhaps more accurately more than I can be bothered to discuss but he does have a handle on why people like him:

Anywho, I was recently talking to somebody, somebody elderly and the subject of Stephen Fry came up for whom I expressed my admiration. His response was 'Oh I don't like that Stephen Fry, no. Isn't he gay for a start?' I replied that I also believe he likes Wagner -- the joke, that one's tastes in partner is as relevant to me liking them is as their tastes in opera, was lost on him. I raised my eyes to another companion who later said to me 'forgive him for the gay thing, he's old'.

I do rather find it ironic how one's prejudices become more acceptable the longer they have been held.


dwlt said...

Funny - I just watched this very episode last night. :-)

Paolo said...

dwlt - my good man, how's it going?

dwlt said...

I'm doing alright - struggling to turn myself into a writer, but making progress!

How is the big smoke?

Paolo said...

The Big Smoke is good, at the moment I can't imagine myself living anywhere else. Being squashed on the bus or sweating buckets on the tube really do seem small prices to pay for the amazing amenities and opportunities there are here, it is such an exciting place to be and explore.

A writer though? I am rather envious. Are we talking fiction or something else?

dwlt said...

I've been doing some courses in screenwriting and playwriting, and am about to enter The List's 3-minute script contest. So I guess fiction, of a sort. Just a case of trying to find that first break!